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Weekly Inspiration

This special section of the MIRC presents positive premiere riveting thought provoking information. Information that works and will inspire you to be more open to, enthusiastically embrace, and exercise a new brand of inspiration. A specialized kind of inspiration which will serve as a catalyst and a springboard to laser focusing on winning in life in a greater way. In contrast to consciousness lock-in, which is the combined process of imagining, thinking, attitudizing, believing, feeling and expecting to experience your same set of current circumstances continually.

My goal here is to offer a distincitive type of inspiration that matters most and motivates you to exercise and stretch your imagination, challenge you to upgrade your thought life, attitudes, belief system, feelings and expectations.

You, my friend, are cordially invited to visit this special section of the MIRC regularly. Take full advantage of this free life changing resource repeatedly. Apply these easy-to-use principles consistiently and you will be amazed at how your life is being transformed. Transformed into the person that you both deeply deserve and desire to be. As the old Nike television ad proclaimed so succinctly and powerfully, “Just Do It”!

Keys To Winning In Life, Part One

In this segement of our Weekly Inspiration, I am going to briefly address one of the main keys to winning in life. What is it? It is the key of exercising your imagination. Everyone has one. How are you using yours? Are you imagining that your life is getting better, getting worse, or staying the same? In either case, your life mirrors whatever you are imagining.

Albert Enstien said, ” imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”. Therefore, be very deliberate in what you are imagining. This is the first key to winning in life. I challenge you now to imagine that your life is getting better! Do it repeatedly until it becomes a mental habit. In time, this process will play in your mind automatically until you start actually realizing what you have been imagining. The realization of your new imagination may produce itself in small increments. Express thanks for whatever positive change that you are experiencing. Continue this imagining exercise and you will be amazed at how your life will change for the better. How exciting! Start doing this easy exercise now and begin reaping the rich rewards!

The very best to you now and always,


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