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Welcome to the official website of Ronald Cooper! This site is a Multipurpose Interactive Resource Center(MIRC). The MIRC was started and is dedicated to offer  accessibility, positivity, interactivity, and exceptional value to all of its guests. Exceptional value is presented in the form of compelling engaging life changing documented narratives, unique helpful services and products.

Will you please allow me to introduce you to and briefly describe all the components of this site’s content? The first part addresses the Book and the central reason for writing it. The second aspect features my Speaking Services. The third segment focuses on Contest and Conversations. The fourth component is About the Author, and fifthly, how to Contact me.

The book, How To Win in Life in a Greater Way, is a divinely inspired anointed resource. This resource is a simple, practical, doable, nourishing, sustainable source of relevant, renewable, hope, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. My central reason for writing this book is to offer a tool that anyone can utilize, when consistiently applied, to improve his or her life. And begin one’s journey to winning in life in a greater way.

My speaking services consists of an effective repertoire of the following. Preaching anointed sermons. Delivering unique inspirational speeches. Presenting customized motivational messages for special events. Reading excerpts from the author’s book. Will do specialized inspirational motivational speaking to selective nonprofits, schools, conventions, conferences, convocations, and associations.

Concerning sponsoring contests and hosting conversations. Periodically, this website will sponsor contests which are  interesting, engaging, fun, and offer valuable prizes. Regarding this site hosting  a conversational forum. Sometimes, this site will recieve questions, comments, reviews, testimonials, and observations from interested participants.

Ronald is an extraordinarily gifted ordained minister and author. He continues to add exceptional life changing value to individuals, churches, and other entities of diverse cultures to improve their quality of life as he has done for thirty-nine years.

For detailed information  about how to contact me, will you please click on the Contact link of my homepage?

For a quick break and a real boost in life changing hope, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement, will you please tour and familiarize yourself with this website as my honored guest? Will you please download samples of free helpful data, order beneficial products, or book me as your guest author/speaker for one of your special events? Do it now! Hopefully, by interacting with this site regularly, you will be helped in a meaningful manner.

In turn, will you please refer this website to others. Thank you for visiting, referring this site to others; and I enthusiastically look forward to meeting you at one of our special events. Thank you!


  • This book is an incredible divinely inspired anointed resource. A simple one-of-a-kind remarkable resource which produces a real heartfelt higher level of genuine hope, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement in anyone's life... READ MORE

  • "The pages of this book should be read, digested, and demonstrated. This book contains wisdom for purposeful living."

    -Dr. G. Calvin McCutchen

    "From the first page to the last page, this book inspires, motivates, encourages, and heightens your awareness to live life with a biblical self- image and a sense of urgency and intentionality. I definitely plan to add it to my book club."

    -Rev. Altonnette D. Hawkins

    "Your ideas are so inspiring and your book very contemplative."

    -Eric N. Schafer


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